How To Care For Hardwood Floors

Getting a new hardwood floor is exciting, and it’s very important to use proper care to make sure that your new floor stays beautiful for decades to come.  If you’re just getting start with a new hardwood floor, here are a few quick tips to help keep your floor gorgeous:

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    • Always, always use floor protectors on any furniture that rests on your hardwood.  This will help to prevent scratches and blemishes as the furniture is inevitably moved around your home.
    • Clean your floors regularly with a specialized hardwood cleaner.  Regular detergents can cause fading or stains in the finish.  It is also best to avoid water and vinegar, wax, or steam cleaners, as all of these can warp, stain, or otherwise damage your floors.
    • Choose soft-bristle nylon brooms over a straw broom, as straw brooms can often scratch the finish of a hardwood floor.
    • Invest in window coverings that block UV rays and excessive heat from entering into your home; both of these can cause premature fading of your new floors.
    • Area rugs are your friend!  While you don’t want to completely cover your beautiful hardwood, well-placed rugs in high traffic areas can help prevent natural wear and tear.  They’re also great for helping change up the look of your home without having to invest tons of cash!
    • Moisture in the air and the ambient temperature will both have an effect on your floors.  If you have a solid hardwood floor, using a humidifier during drier seasons can help you avoid wood shrinkage that can contribute to unevenness or warping.
    • Never use abrasive cleaning products like SOS pads, steel wool, or scouring powders to clean your floors.  It is also best to stay away from products that use acrylics or urethane products; while these are meant to restore gloss to certain surfaces, they can be damaging to your new finish.
    • Keep your pets’ nails clipped, as Fido’s and Fluffy’s nails can cause scratches and gouges.

    When in doubt, take a moment to look up your local experts to help you out with advice, tips, and pricing if you need your floors refinished or replaced after damage or extensive wear and tear. If you would like to know the cost to refinish hardwood floors, just search "floor refinishing near me" and we will provide you with the best value quote for your project! Call us today to get starte.