Hardwood Floor Refinishing Somerville MA

About Somerville

Located just two miles north of Boston, Somerville is one of the most highly diverse and densely populated communities in all of New England.  It was originally settled as a part of Charlestown, but became a town in its own right in 1842; it was later incorporated as a city in 1872.  Historically, Somerville was the site of one of the first hostile acts of the Revolutionary War and is along the path of Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride.

The city itself is defined by its large number of squares; areas like Davis Square, Union Square, Ball Square, and more are home to numerous ethnic restaurants, bars, shops, and small businesses.  There’s always something to do here.  The combination of plentiful daytime activities and thriving nightlife make Somerville a hotspot for all generations.

The truly special thing about Somerville is its dedication to the arts.  In terms of artists per capita, Somerville is second only to New York City.  There are constantly new events and exhibits to partake in, and the week-long ArtBeat Festival in the summer always draws thousands of artists and art enthusiasts alike.  So if you’re looking for your creativity fix or some new ideas, then Somerville is the place to be.

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    Wood Floor Refinishing Services Somerville MA

    If you have hardwood floors, you should ideally be scheduling wood refinishing services about every ten years of so.  If your floors are due for a touch-up, then be sure to give Boston Floor Experts a call!  We’ll sand, fill, and stain/ re-finish floors in any size home or establishment.  Additionally, we use dustless sanding services, which helps to cut down both on the time and on the mess.  Refinishing will be done much faster, and you won’t have to worry about wood dust getting all over everything.

    Our highly knowledgeable staff has the skill to handle even the rarest and most delicate types of hardwood; we’re number one when it comes to hardwood floor refinishing and restoration.  By the time we’re through, your floors will look brand-new!  We can guarantee that you’ll love the results.

    Hardwood Floor Installation Services Somerville

    If you’re looking to have new hardwood floors installed, then you’ve come to the right place.  No one is better at wood floor installation than Boston Floor Experts!  We’ll take care of the entire project from A to Z.  We’ll help you choose the wood type and finishes that work best in your home, we’ll ensure that the wood is delivered and stored safely, we’ll help prep any rooms (setting up plastic sheeting, etc.), and finally we’ll deal with the install quickly and efficiently.  We make home improvement easy!

    No matter what hardwood flooring services you need, or if you are searching on line for "hardwood floor refinishing near me" our floor techs are ready and waiting to lend a hand!  Give us a call at the number listed above to schedule your appointment today, or you can fill out our online form for a free quote!