Hardwood Floor Refinishing Needham MA

Many wonder about the cost to refinish hardwood floors and even put it off for years from the fear that it will be too expensive. We've spent so long working with hardwood floor refinishing that our team members have taken it from a trade skill to an art. From sanding to putting down a new sealant, we take great pride in the entire process.

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​Floor Refinishing Needham MA

Needham, a popular Boston suburb, has pulled together some of the best homeowners in the state. The homes in this area are often well taken care of and dedicated to keeping their homes in great shape! Boston Floor Experts serves these outstanding homeowners by providing an array of flooring services, specifically for hardwood flooring.

Dustless Floor Sanding Needham MA

All of our team go through extensive training to properly handle the equipment necessary for dustless floor sanding in Needham. With that expertise and Boston Floor Experts having full insurance and licensure, we are able to provide dustless floor sanding to all of our clients.

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Hardwood Floor Installation Needham MA

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Our team at Boston Floor Experts has a thorough knowledge of all different types of flooring and hardwood. While working specifically with hardwood floor installations, we provide unmatched quality. Hardwood is notorious as one of the most difficult flooring materials to use, but we have it down!

Flooring Contractors Needham MA

Flooring contractors are responsible for providing high-quality when it comes to many different services such as dustless sanding, installation, and even refinishing. When does a homeowner need flooring contractors? Typically if your home's hardwood flooring is dingy, dull, deeply scratched, or warped, you may need a refinishing. You may also turn to a flooring contractor when you're looking to install new hardwood flooring. 

About Needham

Nestled right into Norfolk County, Needham is the perfect blend of a small-town and growing city. Right outside of Boston, many Needham residents regularly commute into the city and enjoy their peaceful afternoons and long weekends, watching the leaves change colors. From the great schools to the bustling parks.

 Needham homeowners can trust Boston Floor Experts for every hardwood flooring service. Fill out our easy quote form and hear back from one of our outstanding team members soon!