Hardwood Floor Refinishing Lexington MA

There isn’t one set hardwood floor installation cost because every project will vary depending on the materials and size of the project. Hardwood floor refinishing is often the best solution for handling hardwood floors that have deep cuts, warping, and clearly need repair. However, homeowners may benefit from the occasional scheduled refinishing to keep their floors in great shape and to deter damage.

​Floor Refinishing Lexington MA

World-famous as a monumental location in the American Revolutionary War, Lexington is now the peaceful home for many residents. The historical town has changed substantially over the decades but what has always remained is a true passion for beautiful homes.

Dustless Floor Sanding Lexington MA

Dustless sanding is a nearly dust-free process that makes nearly all hardwood floor services much cleaner and easier to manage. Our team encourages homeowners to choose dustless floor sanding to reduce the impact of refinishing or sanding within the home.

Hardwood Floor Installation Lexington MA

Hardwood floor installation is an option for many homeowners throughout Lexington and the greater Boston area. Even recently-built homes may have the option for a hardwood floor installation. It is best to check with a consultant or qualified floor contractor to explore your options for a hardwood floor installation.

Flooring Contractors Lexington MA

The flooring contractors at Boston Floor Experts are all well-qualified, licensed, and insured. We work with only the best equipment and ensure that we work closely with every staff member to emphasize the importance of quality work and customer service. Our flooring contractors will help you identify the services you need and which materials are available for use within your home.

About Lexington

Celebrated throughout town as one of the absolute best places to live in The Old Colony State. Many residents have chosen to retire in Lexington, giving the town a peaceful and serene environment. Not only is it known as safe and generally enjoyable, but it is also home to some of the most well-known monuments in our country, including the Minuteman statue.

 If you're a Lexington resident in need of hardwood floor services such as dustless sanding, refinishing, or installation, then get a free quote by calling our office today.