Commercial Floor Refinishing

Boston Floor Experts also offer services for commercial buildings as well as private homes.  Our professionals are happy to assist with commercial hardwood flooring installation and commercial floor sanding/ refinishing. From restoring older buildings for a new store space or restaurant, to refinishing and buffing wood floors in offices, we have the tools for the job and excellent rates for any size job.

With commercial properties, a hardwood floor will likely need to be refinished more frequently than would a floor in a private home, due to increased traffic and more unpredictable variables in terms of humidity and temperature levels.  We typically recommend that a commercial hardwood floor be refinished an average of once every ten years in order to keep the floor in the best condition possible.

During commercial floor sanding, refinishing, and installation, we will block off any doors, windows, etc. with plastic sheeting in order to prevent the spread of dust and chemicals.  Depending on the size of the building, this type of project would need to be completed after hours, and may take aware from a couple days to a week to finish. ​

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    ​While we offer competitive rates for all commercial hardwood refinishing or new floor installation, commercial rates do vary slightly from our rates for private properties.  Give us a call at the number listed below or click the link to fill out our online form for a free quote!

    Engineered Hardwood Flooring

    Besides solid hardwood, we also work with engineered hardwood, which is a product made from a thin slice of hardwood laid on top of a piece of high-quality plywood. Engineered hardwood floor boards are pre-made and ready to be placed with generally no need to finish or modify them on-site.

    You may be wondering “can engineered hardwood floors be refinished?” Well the answer is yes, but very carefully as you’ll want to be careful about how much you sand engineered wood floors. As opposed to solid hardwood, engineered hardwood floors shouldn’t be sanded more than once or twice. Sanding engineered hardwood too much will wear down the upper layers and leave your floors looking ruined and worn out.